Gate Repair Maryland

One of our main goals, is to provide a quick and professional gate services in Maryland MD, and to allow you to get your gate in Maryland working again today. There is no need to wait many days for a gate company in Maryland MD to send someone to fix your roll up gate, and there is no need to call multiple gate contractors in Maryland Maryland to come and fix the broken gate. With our SAME DAY GATE REPAIR in Maryland, we will fix the gate today.
Gate Repairs Maryland MD
If you need a gate repairs services in Maryland, call us right now, and we will be there today. We know that there is never a good timing for a gate in Maryland to break and to stop working, and that many times you need a gate repairman in Maryland to come to your place ASAP, and fix the problem. So in order to help you get the gate fixed ASAP, we offer our customers in Maryland many services to help them get their gate work again ASAP.

Here is a partial list of the gate services we provide in Maryland and the area:

  • Same day gate repairs in Maryland.
  • New gate installation Maryland.
  • Gate opener repair Maryland.
  • Gate spring repair Maryland.
  • Commercial MD Gate Repair Master.
  • Residential gate repairs Maryland.
  • Gates maintenance in Maryland.
  • Emergency gate services in Maryland.


    We believe in quality. We only carry with us high quality gate parts such as springs, pulleys, cables and rollers. Since when we repair a broken gate, we know that we fix it for many years. And by doing so, we establish a reputation as one of the leading gate companies in Maryland.

    Gate Spring Repair Maryland

    The gate spring system is what make it so easy to open and to close your gate in Maryland, and without the spring system, or if the gate spring is broken, it will be difficult, dangerous and sometime impossible to open and close the gate. If the spring system damaged, or if the spring snapped, you should contact a gate repairman in Maryland who offer same day gate spring repairs in Maryland to come and replace the broken spring.
    MD Gate Repair Master offer same day gate spring repairs and gate spring replacement in Maryland. We know which the most common gates in Maryland are, and we carry with us enough springs, like torsion springs and extension springs to fit all types of roll up gates in Maryland. We know that in most cases of broken gate spring, it is important to you to get your gate fixed and moving safely again as soon as possible. To help you get the fastest service, we carry with us many gate springs, from different sizes of spring, to fit all gates in Maryland.
    You will be surprised to know, but with our same day gate repair service in Maryland, we may be able to fix your roll up gate today. When you are a pro, and when you have repaired countless amount of gates in Maryland, Maryland, Tacoma, gate in Fairfax County MD, Maryland and Fairfax County Maryland, you have the tools, the springs and the experience to deal with all gates in Maryland, commercial and residential.
    We repair and replace all types of springs. Whether you need a torsion spring replacement in Corona Maryland, or extension spring installation in Kew Gardens Maryland, we will be there today, and with our same day gate service in Maryland, we will make your gate working again today.

    Driveway Gate Repair mARYLAND

    Gate Opener Maryland

    If you own an automated gate in Maryland, or if you are thinking about motorize your roll up gate in Maryland or someplace else in Maryland, MD Gate Repair Master Can Help. We carry gate openers and gate openers parts such as remotes, safety sensors and more for all types of gate openers in Maryland.
    If you are looking for someone who install new gate openers in Maryland, we can help. We install gate openers such as Lift Master Gate Opener, Genie openers and other brands which are designed for gates in Maryland. We install and supply gate accessories for gate opener in Maryland like gate remotes, gate safety sensors, gate Key Pads, Key Switches and more. There is no gate opener problem that we cannot fix, and with our same day service, you can trust us to make your gate opener in Maryland working again today.

    Repair Gate Openers in Maryland

    It may sound surprising, but repairing the gate opener, whether it is a residential Lift Master opener in Maryland, or a commercial gate opener in Fairfax County isn’t always the wisest decision. There are many questions to ask and few parameters to consider when deciding whether to repair or to replace a gate opener in Maryland. Here are few questions and possible answers that you should ask yourself when considering the nature of the gate service, and when wondering whether to repair or to replace the opener. It goes for any gate opener in Maryland and for all brands:
    How old is the opener? If you own an electric gate in Maryland, and the opener is old, repairing it won’t always be the wise decision. Sometime repairing it will only solve the problem temporary, and in few weeks or months the problem may rise again, and will require from you to contact a gate repairman in Maryland Maryland once again.
    Is the gate opener safe for use? If your gate opener do not include a safety feature, such as the gate safety sensors, we will not be able to service it. The Federal law require that every gate opener in Maryland to include a safety feature such as safety sensors. But beside the law, if your opener was installed with no safety feature, you may want to consider installing them for protection. So again, whether it is a gate in Fairfax MD, a roll up gate in Maryland, or a commercial gate in Bayside Maryland, if they are working with electric gate opener, they must include a safety feature.
    Which opener is installed? If the wrong opener was installed, repairing it will not solve the problem, and it will be just a matter of time before it will break again. If you own a double car gate, but it is working with a gate opener which is only 1.2 Horse Power, we may recommend to you to replace it with a stronger opener instead of fixing it. We believe that when you do a job correctly, and install the right opener in Maryland, and from a leading gate opener manufacture in Maryland, you are adding another customer to your list of satisfied customers, who know that All Maryland Gates is a gate company in Maryland which you can trust.

    Commercial Roll Up Gate Maryland

    If you need service for a commercial or industrial gate in Maryland, there is one thing you need to do until we will get there and fix your commercial gate in Maryland: And that will be to stop using the roll up gate, and to prevent other people from using it as well. A broken commercial roll up gate in Maryland, Maryland or anywhere else in Maryland is dangerous, and can create big damage and serious injuries when it is being misused. As a company which specialize in commercial roll up gates repairs and installations in Maryland, we have seen many cases where using a commercial roll up gate ended with sad results.
    We will fix your commercial gate in Maryland Today! So there is no reason to worry, and certainly no reason to try and repair the gate by yourself. Industrial roll up gates in Maryland can sometime weigh hundreds of pounds, and trying to use the gate in a wrong way, or trying to push it, force it, “hoping, or “wishing” it will solve the problem is dangerous! The best thing you can do is to contact a gate repairman who specialize in heavy duty commercial gates in Maryland, to fix the gate for you.
    We do not sell parts for commercial gates in Maryland! Some people think that they will contact a gate supplier in Maryland, and they will purchase the needed part, like a commercial gate torsion spring, and replace it by DIY, instead of using the services of a professional gate technician in Maryland, and not once they create a bigger damage, or hurting themselves, blaming the parts the purchased, and not the fact that repairing a commercial gate in Maryland require knowledge and experience.
    If you are experiencing troubles operating your commercial roll up gate, contact a gate company in Maryland to send a commercial gate technician to fix the problem for you.

    Gate Maintenance Maryland

    We are about to say something, which apply to any gate. Whether it is a gate in Fairfax County, a gate repair in DC, or a gate in Port Maryland MD: Every gate need to maintained, and if possible 2 times during the year.
    If it is a residential gate, and all it needs is some lubrication and basic tune up, you do not need a gate technician in Maryland to do the job for you. You can definitely search for some Tutorials which explain how to maintain your gate by doing it yourself. One of our favorite Videos is the one made by Low’s, and explain how to maintain a residential gate.
    But it is important to make it clear, that a gate maintenance is cannot replace and come instead of a gate repair. If your gate in Maryland need some repairs, or parts replacement, lubricating it will not help. It could help if you maintained the gate on time, and then you wouldn’t need to use the services of a gate contractor in Maryland, but now that the gate is broken, it need to be repaired before the maintenance.
    If you are not sure exactly what to do, contact us for a same day gate services in Maryland, and we will solve the problem for you. Usually we will fix all issues first, and once we complete that, we will lubricate and maintain the gate.
    The maintenance process of a gate in Maryland include lubricating the gate arts, inspecting the gate for lose or damaged parts, and  safety check to make sure that the gate is safe to use, and that the gate is working in a smooth and safe way like every gate in Maryland Should.


    New gate Maryland MD

    New Gate Maryland

    If you are thinking to replace your gate in Maryland Maryland, and to install a new roll up gate, we can help. We specialize in gates repairs and installation in Maryland, and we install commercial and residential roll up gates from leading brands in Maryland.
    All our gates are from leading gate suppliers in Maryland, all of them are made from strong materials, to last many years in the weather conditions in Maryland. But we are not the only gates company in Maryland, and we know that you may find gate suppliers who can offer you cheaper gates for cheaper prices. But there is one thing that we consider ourselves as one of the best gate companies in Maryland, and that is the quality of the products we supply, and the professional gate services we provide in Maryland and the area.
    There is a reason why gate customers contacting us from all over Maryland to help them with their gate needs, whether it is a gate repair, or a new gate installation in Maryland. Our reputation as one of the leading gate companies in Maryland, brought us customers from all over Maryland, whether it is a new gate installation in Maryland, a gate repair in Fairfax County, or a commercial gate service in Fairfax County Maryland. Because when you provide a professional service, and you are building a reputation as one of the best gate companies in Maryland, people feel confident enough to recommend about you, and about your gate services in Maryland.

    Emergency Gate Services Maryland

    There is no good time for a gate in Maryland to stop working. To help you get your gate in Maryland working again ASAP, we offer emergency gate repairs in Maryland, to help you whenever you need our gate service, any time and any day. Usually we fix the problem on the spot, since we carry parts for all types of gates in Maryland, but sometime, especially if it a custom made gate, we will have to give you a temporary solution, and perform a temporary gate repair, and to return with the required part to complete the service.
    If you are located in Maryland, and your car is locked inside the gate, we will help you get your car out, close and secure the gate, and return with the needed parts. So if you need a gate services in Maryland Maryland, MD Gate Repair Master will be there for you, since fixing gate in Maryland is what we do, and we try to do it best in Maryland.

    Some of our gates services in Maryland:

  • Install new gates in Maryland.
  • Fix gates from all brands in Maryland.
  • Emergency same day gate repairs in Maryland.
  • Commercial roll up gate service in Maryland.
  • Residential gate repairs in Maryland.
  • Lift Master opener repair and installation in Maryland.
  • Clopay gates repairs Maryland.
  • Wayne Dalton gate repairs in Maryland.


    For Gate Repairs in Maryland, Call: (301) 245-6955